Our story

seree is the brainchild of Chloe Zhao and Eva Zhang, both born in China and moved to New York a few years ago. The co-founders’ love of jade jewelry sprouted in their early childhood. Both of them used to wear a piece of jade bangle or a jade pendant growing up, gifted from their moms and grandmoms whose jewelry cases are also full of this precious gemstone. 

In their memory, jade is used to pass down from generation to generation. Not only the design is timeless, the gemstone is said to accompany the person all the time — it doesn’t need to be taken off before sleep or shower. Yet as they grow up, they rarely see people wear jade jewelry and have slowly let other jewelry take up their own drawer space. One day Eva went to Chloe’s apartment and started to play with her jade bangles. “Why not wear them more and also let other people know how great this gemstone can be?” The two wondered. Thus seree was born, a journey of finding back the long-lost tradition of wearing jade and re-introducing the jewelry through a modern approach.

At seree the co-founders believe that just like gold and silver pieces, jade deserves a permanent spot in the vanity drawer and encourage people to take the advantage of jade’s versatility to incorporate it into their daily wardrobe. Jade stones vary in textures and colors, so each piece is unique by itself. “It creates endless fun in matching jade with the clothes and says a lot about the person,” says the two founders. One can wear the Blush bangle when feeling romantic one day and the Seal ring for a professional occasion another day. The two also devote themselves to making the design unique and contemporary, incorporating jade with other materials that people are fond of, including gold, pearl, and other gemstones. “We want people to think of jade as not only timeless, but also fun, contemporary, and great for everyday wear.”

Chloe & Eva