About seree

Like each of us, every piece of jade is one of a kind. 

Celebrate your uniqueness with radiant jade jewelry that won’t break the bank. 

seree comes from “serendipity” — an instance of finding something good accidentally. We cherish every unexpected moment in life, and hope you find seree like serendipity too.

This is where the best of old and new meet. Inspired by traditional jade jewelry passed down from generation to generation and designed with contemporary, minimalistic style in mind. Each piece is a true keepsake. 

You just met the new must-have in your jewelry box. 

A women-led team in NYC infatuated with jade, agate, quartzite, and other precious gemstones. 

Made with pride in Zhenping, Henan known as “The Jade Capital of Asia”. 

We work well with others. Our materials are ethically sourced across Asia, including Myanmar and Xinjiang.